The Mobility Roadshow, the UK’s premier event focused on products and services for the independent mobility, had come to successful conclusion last week at the motor racing circuit of Donington Park, Derby, with strong visitor numbers across the world. During the three-day event (25th-27th June), families, private users and business costumer enjoyed the opportunity to know and test the latest innovation within the mobility sector presented by car manufacturers and automotive specialists.

For Focaccia Group, an Italian leading company specialized in accessible vehicles conversion and production of components, the MRS was a positive confirmation of the quality of its products and the appreciation that they are gathering on the international market. The FIORELLA solutions for accessible mobility - designed and built by Focaccia Group in Italy – have been widely represented at the event thanks to the support of the European partners of Focaccia Group that participated as exhibitors.

Fiorella Wheelchair LiftAmong the many products and solutions proposed, Fiorella Slim Fit gained a great success within the visitors of the MRS. Designed specifically for people, Fiorella Slim Fit is the most compact wheelchair lift in the world and fits both small and large vehicles in order to meet the daily transport needs of private users, taxis and associations. With a load capacity of 360 kilos guaranteed for thousands of cycles, Fiorella Slim Fit ensures an unprecedented level in the lifting of wheelchair and it is also available in the Extended version, with a broader platform particularly suitable for the modern powered wheelchairs.

Italian design and cutting-edge engineering offer the user maximum reliability and safety during load and transport phases. The new fairings featuring Slim Fit make it harmonious and safe by eliminating any harshness and fit perfectly with the vehicle and user’s styles, thanks to the covers available in different colours.

Operated through wireless remote control or wired remote panel, the use of Fiorella's Slim Fit is intuitive and error proof, thanks to its unique security systems that prevent dangerous involuntary movements. Only Fiorella Slim Fit is equipped with the anti-crush system installed on the single arm!

Fiorella Slim Fit can also be equipped with F-Twister, the swivel base that allows to rotate the lift of 90° thus enabling the caregiver to perform loading and tie-down operations very quickly, with maximum comfort and safety. An approach in line with EASY=SAFE, the innovative concept developed by Focaccia Group to encourage users to the correct use of all safety devices involved and, therefore, to maximize safety. F-Twister also eases the access to the rear of the vehicle for the loading and unloading of luggage and represents an efficient emergency exit in case of need.

Wheelchair Accessible Fiat DobloAt MRS, Fiorella Slim Fit has been proposed to visitors with installations on VW T5, Mercedes V-Class and Fiat Doblò XL, the last one equipped with Focaccia Group’s conversion kit and guaranteed by European Type-Approval.

Fiat Doblò XL F360 is the conversion developed by Group Focaccia on the High Roof / Long Wheelbase version of the Fiat minivan to allow wheelchair users travel comfortably.
Optimization of space, unparalleled comfort and absolute safety for the passenger: these key features of Doblò XL F360 make it the best choice for families and associations who need to transport a person with reduced mobility. The value-add of Focaccia Group conversion is also the attention to design, guaranteed by the work of the R&D department.

Fiat Doblò XL F360 provides a seating configuration layout that includes 5 able-bodied passengers on the original seats and 1 wheelchair user, for a total of 6 passengers. The wheelchair user enters the car thanks to Fiorella Slim Fit, which integrates perfectly with the interiors of the vehicle contributing to create a comfortable travel space.

Fiat Doblò XL F360 meets the EASY-SAFE criteria: due to the unique features of the Fiorella Slim Fit lift with optional F-Twister, tie-down operations and securing of the wheelchair user are greatly simplified and performed outside the vehicle without any effort for the caregiver. The adoption of both the four-point tie-down system and the three-point seat belt maximize the safety of the wheelchair user and complies with the European Directive 2007/467 / EC.

Turbo Slide Tip Up PlateIt could not miss at the MRS, finally, another flagship of the Fiorella product range: the Turbo Slide transfer plate. Turbo Slide is an innovative transfer support to ease the entry to and the exit from the car of the person in wheelchair or with reduced mobility. Installable on both drive-side and passenger-side, Turbo Slide - thanks to its rotation system - allows the person easy access to both front and rear seats. Turbo Slide is easy to use and fits perfectly with the interior of the vehicle.

Distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, Fiorella components and accessories are characterized by a high degree of finishing and maximum safety. Leading-edge in terms of technology, ergonomics and safety, Fiorella products are the ideal solution for people who refuse to compromise in the field of accessible mobility.