1 - On what vehicles can I install the Fiorella Lift?

Fiorella lifts are compact and lightweight, so they can be installed even on small vehicles. The door where you want to install the lift requires an opening of at least 995 x 1035 mm (W x H, for model F300/F360) or 1050 x 1035 mm (W x H, for model F360EX).

2 - Can the Fiorella lift also be installed on the side door?

Certainly! As long as the side access has the minimum size needed:
Width x Height: 995 x 1035 mm (for the F360 models)
Width x Height: 1050 x 1035 mm (for the F360EX models)

3 - What is the F-Twister?

The F-Twister accessory is a swivel base available as an option that allows a 90-degree rotation (inside or outside) of the lift. People can get in and get out the vehicle with far greater ease – especially in case of emergency – and you can use the trunk as if there was no lift!

4 - Is Fiorella safe?

Fiorella boasts the largest number of safety devices with respect to any other lift, since it is the first one specially designed for lifting people. Our quality standards ensure 15,000 motion cycles without maintenance and lifting dynamic tests for up to 900 kg. The weight sensor prevents from lifting loads greater than the maximum allowed, ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind during use.

5 - What could happen to the lift in the event of an accident?

Before placing a product on the market, our proof of the pudding is in your safety. In the event of an accident, the lift remains firmly tied down to the floor of the vehicle without any danger for transported people; this was proved by the crash-tests that the lift passed.
Fiorella WS certified installers are continuously trained to ensure safe installations. For this reason, we have designed a wide range of specific installation kits for most vehicles in circulation.

6 - Lifts are annoying because of rattling. Will I have the same problem with Fiorella?

Fiorella is designed to ensure maximum comfort during your travel. Thanks to high quality components and meticulous design, Fiorella is the quietest lift available for a rattle-free journey.

7 - How can I operate the lift?

Thanks to a wireless remote control supplied as standard, manoeuvring Fiorella is as easy as changing channels on TV!
In addition, each lift can be controlled thanks to an integrated control panel.
Should you remain with no battery, there is always a manual emergency system.
What else do you need? Maybe a traditional wired remote control with extendible cable?
We have also thought about this! And the optional features, you can also request a second remote control, so when there are two drivers, each will have its own attached to its bunch of keys!

8 - I am autonomous. Can I move the Fiorella lift by myself?

All Fiorella models are also available in Total Drive (TD) version, namely with fully automatic handling. Thanks to the supplied wireless remote control, you can move the lift by simply pressing a button. You just think about driving carefully, the rest is taken care of by Fiorella Total Drive.

9 - Machines pose many dangers: Why should I choose Fiorella?

Fiorella lifts have been designed to help people. All integrated safety devices prevent damage to things or people, even in case of human error.
An example? If the lift is closed by mistake, while a person is still on the platform, Fiorella detects the presence of the wheelchair and stops, warning with a message on the LCD Display and an acoustic signal.
We always recommend the utmost caution when using automatic devices, but we are aware that anyone can experience a moment of carelessness. In this case, no problem! Fiorella will think about everything.

10 - What is the maximum load capacity of the Fiorella lift?

All Fiorella WS lifts have been designed and tested to withstand a load up to 900 Kg without breakage. The maximum official capacity, regulated by an electro hydraulic control unit and an electronic board is equal to 360 Kg.
For this reason, we can assure our customers about the reliability and safety of our lifts.
During lifting, the platform is subject to a natural decline and we know that each of us reacts differently to the resulting feeling.
In our view, the most important thing is that the person being lifted feels safe and comfortable while using the lift, and Fiorella is specifically designed to increase comfort and ergonomics!




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