• Wheelchair Accessible Wolkswagen Caddy With Wheelchair Lift

Due to its compact size providing fluidity and optimum management of the spaces aboard, Volkswagen Caddy presents itself as the ideal vehicle for family.
Fiorella Slim Fit, thanks to its characteristics and the F-Twister swivel base, enhances these features: equipping Evalia with Slim Fit makes it an Easy=Safe solution, able to facilitate the operations of wheelchair and occupant tie-down.



Thanks to the unique characteristics of Fiorella Slim Fit, the wheelchair tie-down and the securing of its user have never been so simple! All the operations are carried out by the assistant outside the vehicle without any efforts and risks. This is the reason why Volkswagen Caddy with Fiorella Slim Fit is an trim: it guarantees your safety in very few actions and quickly.

Fiorella F-Twister su Fiat Doblò


It allows the rotation of the Fiorella Lift while permitting passengers to freely get into the vehicle. This accessory, ideal for families, allows you to load suitcases and other items more easily into the car, and represents a fast and effective emergency way out if necessary. And not only! The F-Twister allows wheelchair tie-down and passenger securing operations to be performed outside the vehicle and, above all, in a very quick and comfortable way for passengers and assistants, making Volkswagen Caddy an Easy=Safe trim.

slim fit color version


Fiorella Slim Fit is also available with new coloured fairings to better match the interior and colour of your vehicle and, more importantly, your style.
Thanks to this, Slim Fit becomes not only a useful, functional tool ensuring accessibility to the vehicle, but also a piece of equipment that helps recreate a pleasant, comfortable travelling environment.





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